Wendy Stuart - Model With A Mission

"I'm not Angelina Jolie, but I use the resources I have to help out".

Model With A Mission is a series of videos I've created, interviewing an international group of everyday people and experts, who are protecting endangered species, and cultures from environmental impact.

Keep watching for Film Festival updates coming soon! Fragile Beauty, A Visual Journey is going to town, city and across America!

Fragile Beauty" A Visual Journey

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Who is "The Model With A Mission"?

As an actress and model, Wendy calls New York City home, the place where streets are paved with gold or quicksand, depending on where you stand and how high your stiletto is. When not working with major brands like Eileen Fisher and Nina Mclemore to produce clothes that fit real people (is there nothing worse than a jacket that feels like a straight jacket), promoting products that will improve your life (if I I've tried it you should buy it), dancing 'til dawn wearing a tiara (I am sure I am connected to the royal family), or creating characters on screen and off (any excuse to wear a costume), Wendy can be found ordering dinner on her smartphone. Her serious side (yes, there is one!) will find her promoting humanitarian causes which include interviewing people and animals at global not-for-profits to promote their causes, working with The Upper Delaware GLBT "making it better now", starting a scholarship program at GAIT - a horse therapy program, and creating on-camera interviews for The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival to spread the word about endangered wildlife all over the world. At this point in her life, there isn't any time for hobbies.

She lives in an apartment with a husband, daughter, 2 angora rabbits, a cockatoo, and a long haired chihuahua. All of the animals roam free, like Wendy ….

"Fragile Beauty" Film Wins Award

Our film "Fragile Beauty" a 20 minute short about 3 remote tribes in Ethiopia, was a final selection and won an award! I hosted the Symposium on African Cinema, as well as interviewed African producers, directors, actors, and subjects of documentaries. I was honored to be included with such an amazing roster of notables from all over Africa!

Alan, Wendy Stuart  Kyle KaplanHost_ Wendy Stuart KaplnPhotography_ Alan KaplanProduced, Directed  Locations by Wendy Stuart Kaplan